CloudCord is currently in closed beta

Discord bots, made simple

CloudCord automatically deploys and hosts Discord bots, providing an easy to use dashboard for configuring commands and more.

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Highly Available

Our fault tolerant systems are designed to always stay online, and self-heal when errors happen. If Discord goes down, we'll make sure your bots come back online when Discord comes back online.

No Code Required

You're not required to have any programming skills to use CloudCord, you just need a Discord bot token and you're ready to get started.

Modular Command Builder

Using actions and injectable variables, CloudCord offers an easy block-builder for commands with a variety of actions to choose from, including scripts.


Build serverless Discord bot features using JavaScript within CloudCord. Learn more here.

Pluggable Modules

Our constantly growing modules marketplace allows you to easily plug and configure features like moderation & music into your bot.

Servers Next to Discord

We run on Google Cloud, the same cloud and region that Discord uses. This means your bot's latency to Discord is the lowest it can possibly be, meaning fast interaction.

The Console

The console is an easy-to-use interface for controlling, monitoring and configuring your bots